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The role of diet

Parents often believe that diet plays a role in their child's ADHD.

The possible role of foods or additives (such as sugar, artificial colourings and preservatives) in causing behavioural disorders in children, particularly ADHD, has been a controversial subject. Published evidence provides little support for a clear link between ADHD and particular foods or additives.

Omega-3 fatty acids

The role of omega-3 fatty acids (important for brain development and function) in improving the symptoms of ADHD has been investigated in recent years. Dietary supplementation with fish oils (providing EPA and DHA) appears to alleviate ADHD-related symptoms in at least some children.

A food diary

If you do suspect a link between a particular food and your child's behaviour, it can be useful to keep a food diary, and show this to the doctor responsible for your child's care.

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