ADHD Top ten hints and tips

Top ten hints and tips

Here are some suggested hints and tips that may help you cope with ADHD in your day-to-day life

1. Try and get into a routine

Getting organised can help you see where you need to be, what you need to be doing and when you need to be doing it.

2. Be prepared 

Find out what you need for things in advance and make sure you remember it.

3. Use a notebook or a diary to jot down any important details 

Things like meetings, appointments and phone numbers which you might be likely to forget.

4. Find a nice, quiet place to do your homework 

Fewer distractions will mean better concentration and leave you more time for things that are a bit more fun!

5. Take breaks from homework and have a stretch or a walk around

6. Ask for help 

Whether it be from a teacher, a family member or even a friend, asking for some guidance can really help.

7. Set yourself goals 

They can be small or big but either way when you reach them you will feel good about yourself.

8. Exercise regularly 

Exercising can help relieve stress and tensions as well as keeping you fit and healthy.

9. Break down big tasks into smaller chunks that you can complete gradually

10. Use sticky notes to remind yourself of things you need to remember 

Put them up where you are likely to see them.

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